Welcome to Revive + Thrive Week 3

Sync up daily. If we don’t consciously sync with the Earth’s rhythms each day…we’re out of sync. When we’re out of sync, we look for acidic forms of energy, which are cheap and superficial. Synchronising rhythm tunes our organs with vibrant, alkalising, life-positive deep energy.

Your Assignment This Week:

[1] Download the slides: Revive + Thrive Start the Day Right

[2] Fill in your Intuitive (p.4) + Strategies (p.6 and p.7) Worksheets from the slides.

[3] Fill in the Low + High Motivation Worksheets + Peer Support Worksheet in YHCBetterHabitsGuide (pages 15 + 16)

“We have more say in our own health than even our doctors.”
Jon Kabat Zinn, Ph.D.

Sun Salutation

A Short Morning Practice ~ 30min