Acceptance is relaxing, however learning to accept when things are not as we would like is not easy.

Acceptance is a practice we work on in Yin Yoga when we give up resistance. Acceptance doesn’t mean we can’t try to change things. You only need to accept the past and the moment that you’re in. You can however change the next moment.

Yoga and meditation offer the space and opportunity to watch and listen. We can observe how our state impacts others and where we need to soften and accept. When we accept the way things are, when we let things be as they are and give them space the answers come. This is the gift of meditation, being here in the one moment.

As well as accepting situations or circumstances, we can also think about acceptance on the physical level and what our bodies are capable of. I attended a recent workshop on Yin Yoga were we looked at Paul Grilley’s photo’s of bones. (Below) When you see the huge variance in the shape of our bones it is very clear why yoga poses look different for everyone.

This is where yoga is important, it is not about body image but about embodiment and how we can be more authentically at home in ourselves. Through yoga we can feel more comfortable inside out, rather than outside in this has a lot to do with acceptance as we understand our own limitations. Some parts of our body we can work on, others we just need to accept.

Check out these images of bones below :
(Images courtesy of Paul Grilley website

I find these pictures fascinating, I hope you do to. Next time you’re […]