The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Last week I dragged my husband to a conference where the fabulous Dr Robert Svoboda, an Ayurvedic Physician from America spoke.

I enjoyed every minute of the the 3.5 hours talk on Ayurveda, Consciousness, Yoga etc, my husband, not so much. I’ve learnt my lesson and next time I’ll leave him in the pub with a beer – oh well, horses for courses…. Anyway since that evening, one of Dr Svoboda’s quotes has echoed in my mind….

‘The manifested universe acts as a mirror for supreme reality’

Where is this supreme reality and how do we connect to it, you ask? (unless you’re my husband and you don’t ask)

Through the study of the subtle body, Sahsrara Chakra is the place where we can connect to this supreme reality that’s beyond the duality of our material world. You may also like to call it a higher power or your inner wisdom or god.

This chakra is located at the crown of the head and is associated with thought and consciousness, it is connected on a physical level to the pituitary gland. When we have balance in this chakra we are more aware, and are less likely to be ruled by our unconscious mind.

However, just as the ‘thousand petal lotus’ that symbolizes this chakra turns down to incorporate all of the chakras, we must be living in the manifested world at the same time as having awareness of this limitless space.

In this modern world with the amount of information we are inundated with each day, we need to inhabit the body and the lower chakras while using the upper chakras to make sense of this information.

As one of my favourite authors Anodea Judith describes in her book ‘Wheels of Life’ ‘there are two currents in the subtle body. The first one moving up through the chakras, that is, transcending towards liberation – the divine without. The second, descending current is immanence, described as awareness of the divine within.’ I love this explanation, without doubt this is a simplified explanation of complex subject, but eventually; it helps explain how, through the chakras we have an acute awareness that we are all connected to the same system, in this sense we are all One.

The best way to work with this seventh Chakra and its elements, thought, knowledge, wisdom etc is through meditation. Just as a computer needs to ‘defrag’, meditation allows us to sort through myriad of information we digest each day. As we remove the clutter from our mind we continue on a journey to a more enlightened state, taking us to the place of deeper awareness, another way of saying greater consciousness.

There are all types of meditation practices and you can benefit from even just 5min a day to start with.

Below I have supplied basic instructions for all meditation practices from a great book called ‘How Meditation Heals’, by Eric Harrison:

  1. Sit in a relaxed position and loosen the breathing with a couple of sighs.
  2. Let your mind gently revolve around the mediation object (eg the breath)
  3. Be aware of other thoughts and sensation as they call your attention, but don’t engage with them. Let them come and go in the background.
  4. Enjoy the sensation of the body relaxing.

Enjoy your journey to enlightenment!




Reference: “How Meditation Heals’ by Eric Harrison, ‘Wheels of Life’ by Anodea Judith PhD