Everyone gets sick but why do some people bounce back so much faster than others? The answer is very complex and depends on myriad factors such as individual constitution, genes, environment, and lifestyle, diet, thought patterns…I could go on and on. What I do know is that my Grandmother has insane healing powers! She is always quick to bounce back from illness and at 93 years has just had an amazing recovery from a stroke.

About 20 years ago when ‘Gigi’, as my children know her, broke her leg the Doctors were amazed at her quick recovery, especially considering her age. While I sat with her in hospital I asked her how she was healing so well.

She let me into her healing secret that I will share with you…


With her leg in plaster, throughout the day (whenever she thought of it) she was practicing a powerful visualization technique. She would close her eyes and picture her leg as a building site. She would imagine the builders arriving to work each day, thinking about every detail down to what they were wearing and what their lunchboxes looked like. She would think about this miniscule world where each builder was doing his or her part to repair the bone of her leg, she would continue to think about this until she was interrupted or bored with it. She told me this really helped with her healing and I believe it did.

I really love this story, but what does it have to do with Chakra 6 (Ajna Chakra)? This Chakra is also known as your third eye. It is located on our forehead between the two eyebrows. While our two eyes see out into the external world our ‘third eye’ also sees our inner world. It is the place where the conscious meets the unconscious, the place of insights and our dreams. This chakra is also associated with the element of light and is related to the pineal gland. This is where light regulates some of our bodily functions that rely on the hormone melatonin.


This is the place of imagination and visualization. Just as my grandmother has always been in touch with the natural rhythms of life, she is also in touch with this third eye space. Visualization using the power of the ajna chakra is a great tool to help us use our bodies natural intelligence and healing power.  


Next time you do a yoga class try closing your eyes for some of the poses, drawing the senses inwards, practicing pratyahara and taking a tour of your interior space. I have also included an eye exercise below, which is great to do, especially if you spend a lot of the day staring at screens.


Start becoming aware of your third eye, visualisation and the profound healing effects that this can have!


Enjoy, and please let me know below if you have any experience of this sixth Chakra, your third eye space.


Eye Exercise



Find 5 minutes alone

  • Come to a comfortable seat and close your eyes.
  • Keeping your head still, open your eyes look up to the sky, and then look left, then down to the ground then to the right. Do this three times.
  • Close both eyes again for a couple of seconds
  • Open your eyes and repeat in the opposite direction, looking up to the sky, then right, down to the ground and then left.