Organise your energy, start at your roots.

In the chakra system the first chakra, also known, as the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine at the perineum.  In the physical body our largest nerve the sciatic nerve runs from this chakra all the way down to our feet.  This chakra is associated with our survival and material aspects of our life. When this chakra is blocked we are often living ‘too much in our heads’ or we maybe fearful, insecure, restless, and can suffer from anxiety.

Grounding practices that work energetically to balance this chakra are very healing; they help us in the more practical parts of life as well as facilitate energy moving up the chakra system.

When we are grounded we are able to live in the ‘here and now’, without roots we are unsteady with no foundation from which to grow.  We need roots to have wings!

Grounding Exercise

As a child my grandmother would often say ‘go and ground yourself, take your shoes off and walk along the beach.’ It sounded strange to me then, the concept of electricity within the body. I wasn’t aware at the time that this simple exercise was connecting my nervous system to the earth. Walking barefoot upon the earth and feeling the stability beneath us is very supportive and nourishing and helps to calm the mind. For those of us who live an urban existence it is easy to go days without our feet actually coming into contact with the earth. Make a conscious effort to try it even for 10min a day in the nearest park and notice the effect!


Most of Hatha yoga is very grounding especially when done slowly.  The standing poses, as well as many floor poses where we have our body support by the floor all help to connect us to the earth and this root chakra.

Yin yoga is also very powerful for working with the Muladhara Chakra as most poses are done on the floor. Combined with the visualization below on the Muladhara chakra this can be very powerful. I like to use the description of the ‘red glowing ball of light radiating from this chakra’ to help locate and focus on this chakra.


I invite you to try the following simple meditation to work on your Muladhara Chakra.

Find 5 minutes alone

  • Get comfortable – either sitting or lying, close your eyes.
  • Start to inhale for the count of 4 and exhale for the count of 4. Feel your body expand as you inhale and soften and release as you exhale.
  • Focus on the perineum or the space between the anus and genitals, start to feel the contact between your body and the support of the earth or chair, visualise a large red glowing ball of light radiating from this location. As you inhale, visualise the ball growing brighter and more radiant and on every exhale see the light contract as you release and soften this area.
  • Continue breathing and visualizing in this way for 5min.

Enjoy your journey through the Chakra System!