How well do you know your individual constitution? What is your body type according to Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda everything, including humans is made up of five elements earth, water, air, fire and space (ether).

In humans these elements are categorised into Tridoshas. The Tridoshas consist of the 5 elements but in different proportions, each having two elements predominant.

  • Kapha  – water and earth elements predominant
  • Vata – air and ether predominant
  • Pitta – fire and water predominant

When you know your body type you will gain insight into how your mind and body naturally operate helping you make the right diet and lifestyle choices.

Also, when you understand the body type of others this brings a unique understanding that leads to compassion in relationships.

Each Dosha or body type has certain characteristics determined by the elements it is made up of. These characteristics may inform us of our mental constitution, the diseases we maybe prone to and even the way we spend money. For example:

Kapha when in balance are loyal, stable, grounded people with big hearts and good stamina. When they are out of balance they can be lethargic, sluggish, heavy and unmotivated. They may suffer from being overweight, edema, sinus, congestion and allergies.

Vata types when in balance are creative, spontaneous, passionate but when out of balance may become scattered, fearful, restless and may suffer from anxiety and constipation.

Pitta body types when in balance are quick thinking, organised, motivated but when out of balance may anger easily, become judgemental and argumentative. When out of balance they maybe susceptible to hyperacidity, ulcers and inflammatory diseases.

Each person has a unique dosha, to find out yours you can explore online there are many free quizzes available or come in for a one on one consultation to determine which dosha is dominant for you and recieve a personalised lifestyle plan with diet and lifestyle suggestions to suit your constitution. Remember when answering the questions in any dosha quiz cast your mind back to childhood and answer as you were then rather than as you are now. This will help determine your true prakruti (constitution).