Yoga Classes – Now online using Zoom

Justine is based in Sydney and all classes are in AEDT
Welcome to Term 4
(w/c Oct 12, 2020 – Dec 14th)


Mondays – Yin Yoga

9.30am – 10.30am

In this Yin Yoga class, you will be encouraged to work on your internal state. Yin is a Taoist word that describes qualities such as slow, introspective, still and receptive. This peaceful style of class will cultivate your inner yin nature, the poses are seated and we use props to support you in long holds (approx. 3-8 minutes). The long holds help to enhance flexibility, lengthen muscles and support the joints.

Wednesdays and Fridays – General Hatha Yoga

9.30am – 10.30am

Move your body and find space in your mind. This class is made up of pranayama, sun salutes and vinyasa (breath-synchronised movement) followed by different combinations of balancing poses, hip openers, abdominal work, forward bends, twists and inversions finishing with relaxation and meditation. A great way to kick-start your day!

Joining Instructions

Step 1  –  Class Prices

$10 = For those who can afford it
$0 (Free) = I am experiencing financial hardship and still need my yoga

Yoga Studio
$25 drop in class

Step 2 – Email

Email justine and let her know which class you are joining. You will be sent a zoom login.

Step 3 – Join using the zoom link in your email

Just before class starts, simply click on your joining link and you’ll be taken to the online yoga room! If you’re not familiar with Zoom, please downloaded the Zoom software to either your smartphone or computer ahead of time.

For support and questions, please email

Class Descriptions

Triveda Therapies is based on Hatha yoga principles. Yoga is a transformational tool that opens the mind and the body. Through the moving meditation of breathwork (pranayama) and physical poses (asanas) our awareness expands and with this deeper insight, we come to a more peaceful and responsive state both on and off the mat.

Yogah chittavrtti nirodhah is the second sutra from the “The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali” it can be translated as ‘yoga ceases the fluctuations of the mind‘ or yoga calms the mind. It’s hard to believe that this sutra is from a 5000-year-old scripture but is so relevant in today’s world.

General Hatha
Sanskrit meaning:
-‘Ha’ means right side of the body, solar energy, and masculine energy and physical energy.
-‘Tha’ – left side of the body, lunar energy, feminine energy and mental energy.

Regular practice of Hatha yoga brings health, energy and vitality. The benefit of physical strength but also mental strength by helping to slow down fluctuations of the mind through cultivation of attention.

Justine’s classes incorporate the therapeutic aspects of yoga including spiritual psychology and the influence of Ayurveda.

Yoga for Tweens and Teens
This class is designed to increase wellbeing and self-esteem, as well as compassion for themselves an others.
The class will consist of:
40min gentle movement and breathing
20min guided meditation and deep relaxation