Welcome to Revive + Thrive Week 6

This week is all about self-massage, this is such a potent and empowering habit. I love it.

Your Assignment This Week:

[1] Read the slides on Self-Massage Practice Revive + Thrive Self-Massage

[2] Designate a time and place to do Self-Massage every day for a week. Just for a minute. Dry Brushing counts. Using your hands without oil counts. Foot massage counts. It all counts. Just do it…. tuning into the healing power in your hands.

[3] ReDo The Identity Evolving Worksheet. I want you to see what has changed over the past month since the first time you took out this worksheet. Journal about it. YHCBetterHabitsGuide (p.6+p.7)

Check out this video from Banyan Botanicals, it shows how to do a full self-massage.