Welcome to Revive + Thrive Week 4

Take a deep inhale and feel the body expand, take a slow smooth exhale and soften….

This week we focus on conscious breathing upon awaking. This will help to bring life force, energy and vitality to the body. Conscious breathing at anytime of the day is the quickest way to feel calm and relaxed.

As the ancient text the Bhagavad Gita states, ‘The mind might be king of the five senses, but the breath is the conqueror of the mind.’

Your Assignment This Week:

[1] Download slides: Revive + Thrive Breath Body Practice

[2] Do your ‘Design Your Daily Practice’ + ‘The Big Why Worksheets’, from the slides.

[3] Use ‘Changing Bad to Better Habit Worksheet 2’ in YHCBetterHabitsGuide (p.13 + p.14)

“We have more say in our own health than even our doctors.”
Jon Kabat Zinn, Ph.D.

Sun Salutation

Strengthen Abdominals and Digestive System

Bring Energy to the Body