How important is sleep? Well, if you consider that sleep deprivation is a form of torture then we should rate it pretty high.

Before Covid, in the National Inquiry into Australia’s Sleep Health, Sleep Health Foundation Chair, Professor Dorothy Bruck commented “For the first time in the world a comprehensive government-level document has acknowledged that quality sleep is as important for health as a good diet and adequate exercise. It also calls for sleep health to be recognised as a national priority”

Since then, our sleep patterns and dreams have changed along with our changing world. People all around the world have been experiencing different dreams to normal and some are experiencing deeper longer sleep (due to lockdown) while others are waking up with anxiety and suffering from sleep deprivation.

What is a lack of sleep costing you?

Do you place the same importance of sleep as you do on diet and exercise?

If we think about diet and exercise these are usually things we are investing in, we buy good food we invest in gym membership or Yoga/Pilates classes. So how can we invest in our sleep? We are not taught how to relax, so I’ve decided to share seven yogic tips that may help you prepare for a good nights sleep.

#1 – Make going to bed a ritual

My #1 tip make sleep sacred, make it something to look forward to something you enjoy

If you are over stimulated, make going to bed a ritual, dim the lights, light some candles, burn some essential oils, drink a calming tea. Enjoy the natural rhythms of the sun setting and the moon rising. The time of sleep is also important and as your grandmother said the hours before midnight count […]