‘Your role as a Yoga Health Coach is more like a Vitamin than a Pain Killer’, my mentor explains. In other words, as a health coach I work to support people to optimize their health and prevent disease by  listening to their bodies natural intelligence, rather than react once symptoms occur. Yoga health coaching helps you to read the signs.

This analogy reminded me of when Dr Robert Svoboda (American author and Ayurvedic Doctor) spoke in Sydney last year, he was interviewed by western GP, Dr Mark Donohoe. Dr Donohoe described a visit to the doctor, as like a visit to the smash repairer, the doctor usually deals with the ‘what’ rather than the ‘why’.

Don’t get me wrong, western medicine is incredible, I wouldn’t be here today without it. We need western doctors but we could also learn to understand our bodies and the different dimensions of the body-mind connection, why do we get sick and well again? This is where Yoga Health Coaching comes in, it’s like a users guide to our physiology.

Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine all offer wisdom on preventative health, they all teach awareness, how to tune into the whispers of our bodies so we can take the responsibility of our health into our own hands, take our power back and heal ourselves. In other words, living in our bodies and not just our heads. Looking within ourselves rather than externally for someone to ‘fix’ us with a ‘pill in a bill’.

You see, I’ve tried the ‘pill in a bill’ approach before to help with severe migraines. It may work for the short term but doesn’t work in the long term. Not if you care about being able to rely on yourself, not if you want to have steady sustainable energy, not if you want to feel optimal health. How do we build ourselves from within to experience vitality and heal ourselves? Do we have time for this in our already busy lives?

When Dr Svoboda said, ‘The Astral world is all the more important because of the Virtual world’, it really resonated. I’m now on a mission to understand and help others use these ancient teachings to thrive in an increasingly virtual world.

I worked in virtual worlds for over 12 years in interactive design and mobile gaming in London and in Australia. I have also experienced burnout when work becomes all-consuming. My mission now is helping others avoid burn out without opting out. This is where Yoga Health Coaching comes in. My one-on-one coaching and online programs help to move you from stress to ease, ancient wisdom delivered in a very modern way through an online program. Yoga Health Coaching is a ‘vitamin’ that helps with:

  • Simple holistic body habits to improve sleep, ideal body weight, nourishment and clarity of mind.
  • Ability to access deeper more sustainable energy.
  • Living in accordance to daily and seasonal rhythms.
  • Learning to tune into the bodies natural intelligence and the feedback it is giving us.
  • Taking better care of our families and ourselves.
  • Evolving habits to make space to do more of what matters.
  • A safe space to have the conversations you want to be having.

If you are ready to move out of stress and into ease, join my ‘Revive + Thrive’ 10-week online program here.