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Increase Immunity – more tips from ‘The Ancients’…

When I refer to the ‘Ancients’, I’m not talking about my parents or even my grandparents, I’m thinking about wisdom passed down from thousands of years ago. Let’s look at two ancient systems Ayurveda from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from China. What similar guidance have these traditional systems sent us?

Three layers of the body are recognized in each system, the Physical Layer, the Mental Layer and the Subtle Layer. As a yoga teacher, I’m curious about the Subtle Body. The non-visible energy channels that travel through the body are recognized in Ayurveda and are called Nadi’s and they are also acknowledged in TCM and are called Meridians, many pressure points along these energy lines are similar in both systems. To access the subtle body, both ancient wisdoms link breath and movement, think, Tai Chi, Yoga as well as Meditation.

Elements feature in both systems, TCM recognizes the five elements Fire, Water, and Earth, and in Ayurveda the 5 elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Importantly, both systems recognize the microcosm and macrocosm idea, what is outside is also inside, each constantly influencing and affecting the other. In other words how we interact with our environment will hugely influence our energy.

Practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation are the best way to start to access the subtle body. When we strengthen and heal the subtle body we will amplify our energy but also strengthen our body on a cellular level and build immunity. To dive in deeper come and try a yin yoga class!

See you on the mat!



5 Tips from the Ancients to Amplify Your Energy

We are primates and part of nature, so to access deeper and more stable energy reserves we need to align with the rhythms and energies of Mother Nature. In a nutshell ancient wisdom teaches us that to deepen energy five points are important:

Adapt to the Daily Rhythms of Nature; align your internal circadian rhythms with that of nature, rise around the time of the sun, wind down earlier in the evening. Eat your largest meal in the middle of the day when digestion is strongest.
Adapt to the Seasonal Rhythms of Nature; become aware of the weather outside and adapt the body to suit, for example when it’s cold and damp eat warm and nourishing foods, eat seasonally. (Common sense that’s not that common.)
Access the Subtle Body regularly; use breath and movement to tune into your interior space and energy.
Listen to your bodies’ natural intelligence; you have all you need within.
Simplify and slow down; create more space in your life to create more space in your mind.

Living in an urban jungle, it’s easy to override Mother Nature and her rhythms. Artificial forms of energy help with a quick fix, but operating like this long term will eventually lead to dis-ease in the body. Practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation are the first steps leading to Subtle Body awareness. This awareness will help you align to the rhythms of nature and amplify your energy. Inhale deeply, then exhale…





Why you love fast food

Do you crave, the salty, sweet and sour taste of fast food? Did you know that consuming these three tastes have certain physical and energetic affects on the body?
These are the three tastes that are most common in Western Diets, they are also the three tastes that pacify Vata? For those of you not familiar with Ayurveda, Vata is the wind and ether elements in the body. When Vata is out of balance in the body some of the symptoms are stress, anxiousness, hyperactivity, restlessness or nervousness. Therefore when we consume these flavours it gives us the sensation of releasing some of these symptoms, i.e. stress release, feelings of comfort. Have you ever noticed someone who is stressed adding lots of salt (salty taste) to their meals and sipping alcohol (sour taste) or reaching for a cake, chocolate or even something like a big bowl of pasta (sweet).
The Upside
When we consume foods with the sweet taste the effect on the body is soothing, satisfying, comforting, it can even be blissful! When we consume foods with the salty taste it will enhance the appetite and make everything taste delicious. Sour foods also stimulated the appetite and can make us feel more alert. No wonder fast food is so popular in Western Society.
The Downside
When you consume these three flavours, sweet, salty and sour, in excess there is a negative impact on the body. We all know the effect too much sweet taste has on the body, it increases weight. Did you know that excess salt would weaken the kidneys and aggravate stomach acidity. Too much sour can lead to an increase in acidity in the body. Hmm…so think, obesity, adrenal burnout (related to the […]