Are you interested in self-healing or increasing your energy?

Then tap into the Chakra System……

What is the Chakra System?
The Chakra System is powerful and fascinating; it is made up of seven energy centres located in the body. It is helpful that each energy centre corresponds to a physical position in the body enabling us to locate them.

The Chakra System runs up our spine starting at the Perineum and finishing at the Top of our Head. The seven chakras and their physical locations are:

Muladhara – Perineum

Swadhisthana – Sacrum

Manipura – Solar Plexus

Anahata – Heart

Vissudha – Throat

Ajna – Brow

Sahasrara – Top of Head

When we explore the Chakra system we are working with our subtle body rather than the physical body. Saying that, we access the subtle body and the chakra system through the physical body and through our breath.

On a non-physical level these energy centres are located on the Shushumna Nadi, the largest Nadi. (The Nadis are the channels that transport prana/lifeforce around our body). It is interesting that each energy center corresponds to different organs and glands in the body as well as meeting points of nerves.

How to use the Chakra’s for Healing and Increasing Vitality

The Chakra System is vast and complex, it is lifelong work to really experience, but the good news is, even a small amount of attention focused on the Chakras can help with healing and energy levels.

We can use Yoga – breathing techniques and yoga poses to help clear these energy channels.

Over the next seven weeks I’ll explore a different Chakra providing information about each centre and tips for working with them… it is Valentines day tomorrow I will start with Anahata Chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra….please stay tuned…..