It took me 3 classes to actually enjoy Yin Yoga! My yoga teacher Amanda Fuzes introduced me to Yin, the first two classes were excruciating! I was restless and impatient and wanted to run away. I didn’t, and after almost two years practicing and teaching this incredible philosophy and practice I have noticed some profound effects.

Yin Yoga works to increase the flow of energy through the body by awakening and enhancing ‘prana’ or ‘chi’. How is this done? In a nutshell, we disengage the muscles in a yin yoga practice; each pose is held for 3-5min, sometimes longer. Each pose works the deep connective tissues along the energy lines related to the meridians (TCM) or nadias (Ayurvedic philosophy).

Along with the physical and energetic benefits Yin also helps our mind. Yin teaches us how to manage our mind off the mat. It teaches us how to relax in uncomfortable and stressful situations and it teaches us how to manage our emotions. It is fantastic for stress management.

Experience the healing energies of Yin Yoga, the complete antidote to everyday life.

Come and try a yin class, cheaper than therapy!