Hippocrates – ‘All disease begins in the gut.’

Did you know the biggest selling drugs in the west are for the gut & mind (antacids & antidepressants). These two areas are connected and both issues can be prevented and healed by diet – good digestion as well as exercise and relaxation.

Ayurveda advises a number of ways to help with digestion, everything from food combining, eating for your dosha to the company you keep while eating. Also, see blog next week on digestive fire.

The only yoga pose that you can safely take after eating is supta virasana (pictured above with blue background and featured in video below), it is also one of the best yoga poses for digestion. It helps to create space in the digestive system allowing for correct integration of our food.

While most yoga poses will assist digestion in one way or another, twists are fabulous! They stimulate the system by allowing fresh blood to flow into our digestive system and its accessory organs. Ardha matsyendrasana* (pictured above top) is a great twist and I try to incorporate it into my practice as often as possible. It’s important to remember to lengthen the spine (extend the crown of the head towards the sky) before you twist to create space between the vertebrae.

*If you have any back or knee issues you will need assistance from your yoga teacher to create a modified version of the pose.

enjoy twisting it out!